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  • Cost-utility, cost-effectiveness, and budget impact of Internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy for breast cancer survivors with treatment-induced menopausal symptoms

    Publications27 Aug 2019|

    Research article published on Springer link. 2019 August 26 AUTHORS: J.G.E. Verbeek,V. Atema, JC Mewes, M. van Leeuwen, H.S.A. Oldenburg, M. van Beurden, M.S. Hunter, W.H. van Harten, N.K. Aaronson, V.P. Retèl   ABSTRACT Internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy (iCBT), with and without therapist support, is effective in reducing treatment-induced menopausal symptoms and perceived impact of […]

  • Call for new policies to ensure added benefit of newly approved drugs

    News22 Jul 2019|

    Janne Mewes, Anne Voermans, Bert Vrijhoef. How many of the newly approved drugs provide a substantial benefit to patients? When asking people from the general public their answer would probably be “all of them” or “the majority”. A recently published analysis conducted by researchers of the German health technology assessment agency IQWiG (Wieseler et al. […]

  • Implementation fidelity of a strategy to integrate service delivery: learnings from a transitional care program for individuals with complex needs in Singapore

    Publications18 Jul 2019|

    Research article published on BMC Health Serv Res. 2019 Mar 19 AUTHORS: Nurjono M , Shrestha P, Ang IYH, Shiraz F, Toh SESS, Vrijhoef H ABSTRACT BACKGROUND: To cope with rising demand for healthcare services in Singapore, Regional Health Systems (RHS) comprising of health and social care providers across care settings were set up to integrate […]

  • Is procalcitonin biomarker-guided antibiotic therapy a cost-effective approach to reduce antibiotic resistant and Clostridium difficile infections in hospitalized patients?

    Publications18 Apr 2019|

    Research article published in Omics: a journal of integrative biology, Vol. 22, No. 9 AUTHORS: Steuten L, Mewes J, Lepage-Nefkens I, Vrijhoef H ABSTRACT Antibiotics (AB) can reduce morbidity and mortality in the treatment of patients with sepsis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) exacerbations. Yet, AB overuse or misuse increases antibiotic resistance (ABR) and […]

  • Decision analytic support model to guide implementation of laboratory assay

    Cases30 Jan 2019|

    Panaxea to develop a decision analytic support model to guide this implementation. Interviews with key stakeholders were carried out to analyze factors that either facilitate or prevent uptake of this assay, and to identify the most important target groups.

  • Impact Analysis Public Private Partnership (PPP)

    Cases30 Jan 2019|

    In this project we performed an impact-analysis on scientific, translational/clinical and socio-economic aspects of a Public Private Partnership (PPP).

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