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  • Governing Integrated Health and Social Care: An Analysis of Experiences in Three European Countries

    Publications7 Feb 2024Anam Ahmed|Bert Vrijhoef|

    Abstract Purpose: Achieving greater health and social care integration is a policy priority in many countries, but challenges remain. We focused on governance and accountability for integrated care and explored arrangements that shape more integrated delivery models or systems in Italy, the Netherlands and Scotland. We also examined how the COVID-19 pandemic affected existing governance arrangements. […]

  • Trust in and Acceptance of Artificial Intelligence Applications in Medicine: Mixed Methods Study

    Publications17 Jan 2024Bert Vrijhoef|Iris Boot|Anam Ahmed|

    Published in JMIR Publications, January 17, 2024 Abstract Background:Artificial intelligence (AI)–powered technologies are being increasingly used in almost all fields, including medicine. However, to successfully implement medical AI applications, ensuring trust and acceptance toward such technologies is crucial for their successful spread and timely adoption worldwide. Although AI applications in medicine provide advantages to the […]

  • Realist Evaluation of Home-Based Palliative Care Programme for Non-Cancer Patients

    Publications28 Dec 2023Bert Vrijhoef|

    Published December 28, 2023 in International Journal of Integrated Care Abstract Introduction: Disproportionately higher deaths attributed to non-cancer causes in Singapore highlight the need for palliative beyond those with cancers. The Violet Program (ViP) was developed to provide home-based palliative to non-cancer patients residing in the Eastern region of Singapore. VIP aims to (i) reduce […]

  • Early modelling of the effects and healthcare costs of the Dutch citizen-rescuer system for out-of-hospital cardiac arrests

    Publications22 Dec 2023Bert Vrijhoef|Anam Ahmed|

    Abstract Objectives1) to analyse the total average healthcare costs of a patient with an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA), as well as estimating the operational costs of the citizen-rescuer system (CRS); 2) to conduct an early modelling of the effects and healthcare costs of the Dutch CRS in comparison to no CRS. MethodsA health economic modelling […]

  • Nurses’ roles, views and knowledge regarding vaccines and vaccination: A pan-European survey

    Publications17 Oct 2023Bert Vrijhoef|Ysanne de Graaf|

    Published in the International Journal of Care Coordination, October 17,2023 Abstract IntroductionNurses play a crucial part in responding to pandemics. Not only are they often in direct contact with patients but nurses also can inform and educate the general public regarding vaccination. Mapping nurses’ preferences and knowledge on the value of vaccination can contribute to […]

  • A Patient-Centred Medical Home Care Model for Community-Dwelling Older Adults in Singapore: A Mixed-Method Study on Patient’s Care Experience

    Publications13 Oct 2023Bert Vrijhoef|
    Patient centered care study

    Decision analytic support model could be populated with hospital-specific data, and could thereby guide implementation decisions at local and …

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