Improvement of health requires healthcare innovation. To know whether, how and for whom healthcare innovation results in improvement, robust and meaningful information about its feasibility, cost-effectiveness, value, and implementation fidelity is needed.


We add evidence to your healthcare innovation that enables you and your stakeholders in making informed decisions. We systematically collect and analyse data about healthcare innovation to translate these data into information and recommendations.


We are a team of highly motivated experts covering multiple disciplines, including biomedical sciences, business management, data sciences, health economics, health management, health policy, health sciences,

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Since our est. in 2010 as a university spin-off, we worked with numerous clients innovating medicine, healthcare and social care in Europe, North America, and South-East Asia. We published >100 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and we continue to disseminate our insights. We offered multiple internships to graduate and PhD students who nowadays lead innovations in healthcare and make us feel proud. We always welcome highly motivated interns. We continue working with small, medium, and large-scale private and public organizations active in different fields, including biomedicine, healthcare policy, hospital services, MedTech, Pharma, and science.


  • Anam Ahmed

    I aspire to help transform existing healthcare services and systems into more accessible and person-oriented services and systems. As a senior researcher at Panaxea, I lead various projects in need for information derived from health services research.

  • Bert Vrijhoef

    Helping our customers to move from a smart idea to a proven solution, is what makes me most satisfied. Evidence-based healthcare innovation requires one to understand healthcare, innovation, and science. Most innovators tend to be proficient in one or perhaps two of these areas. We make sure to add science and integrate all three by understanding the needs of our customers.

  • Iris Boot

    At Panaxea, we aim to help bridging the gap between innovation and implementation. By conducting early Health Technology Assessment and using business model templates, I support various innovators to make informed decisions in the early phases of their journey.

  • Josepha Scheffer

    As Panaxea’s People and Office Manager, I ensure the smooth operation of our company and foster a supportive and efficient environment for our team, so they can thrive evidence-based healthcare innovation for our customers.

  • Ysanne de Graaf

    I have a special interest in exploring the value of artificial intelligence in healthcare. Applying scientific research during the testing, introduction, and scaling-up of artificial intelligence is what we do at Panaxea as part of large, international studies.

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Want to join our team?