Medical advances in history: Vaccines, Anaesthetics, Germ therapy, Medical Imaging, Antibiotics, Organ Transplants, Antiviral Drugs, Stem Cell Therapy, Immunotherapy. Innovations that are expected to revolutionize healthcare: AI, 3D Printing, CRISPR Gene Editing, Virtual Reality, Smart Bandages.

Innovation in healthcare encompasses a broad range of applications from novel therapies, surgical procedures, tools, tests, to new approaches to training, education, procurement, and service delivery models. Multiple factors such as an aging population, sharp rises in long term conditions, reduced funding, increased patient expectations, the threat of pandemics, and the shortages in the availability of skilled staff highlight a constant need for innovation in healthcare. Since healthcare systems are struggling to make the most of innovations, it is crucial to understand the features of an innovation, the characteristics of its potential adopters, and the implementation process.

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