New book published with chapter of Bert Vrijhoef and Valentina Vodopivec

News 19 Oct 2020 |

The book, titled ‘Integrating the Organization of Health Services, Worker Wellbeing and Quality of Care’ introduces the concept of ‘healthy healthcare’ and posits that this new concept is necessary in light of a shortage of healthcare staff in the near future. Healthy healthcare implies that healthcare systems are designed, managed and financed in balance with the available resources to improve workers’ health and performance. Ultimately, a balanced perspective taking into account the patient, the staff and the complex healthcare system will lead to a more resource-efficient delivery of high-quality healthcare serviceThe book synthesizes evidence-based practice and research on the links between healthcare services, employee health and wellbeing, and quality of healthcare from an interdisciplinary perspective. Written by leading experts in this rapidly expanding field of inquiry, this is the first book ever compiled on the subject with such scope and breadth. It discusses how to conduct interventions and research on healthy healthcare with different populations and settings. The chapters critically examine the links between these pillars; and identify research gaps in both methodology and content from the perspectives of psychology, medicine, nursing, economy, law, technology, management and more. This innovative book is of interest to researchers and students of health sciences, public health, health economics and allied disciplines, as well as to stakeholders in the healthcare industry.

Chapter 24 of this book is available open access under a CC-By NC-ND 4.0 license at
It includes a chapter by our CEO Bert Vrijhoef, PhD and Valentina Vodopivec

The book can be purchased via this link:

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