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Looking back at the first half year of 2018…
Almost 7  months have already flown by of the new year and Panaxea has not been idle. Read more about the interesting events of the company.

Person-centered care in (primary) care practice
What is needed for the effective application of person-centered care in (primary) care practice? And how do we do that where special interest is given to the influence of diversity on the provision of person-centered care? These questions play a key role in our new project together with Pharos, the Dutch Centre of Expertise on Health Disparities. This project, initiated by the National Health Care Institute, focuses on person-centered care that takes diversity among patients into account.

By performing a literature research, data from existing research will be analyzed and by conducting interviews with stakeholders and patients involved in person-centered care, insights into where we currently stand and how we can further improve the application of person-centered care will be gained.

More info: starting page 14 in this magazine (Dutch):


Updates on this project will follow in the upcoming months.

Promising research paradigm for complex care innovations
Healthcare is moving on many fronts at the same time. Regarding innovative interventions one would like scientifically determine the impact and results of them. The prevailing application of research methods fail to map the impact of complex innovations. ‘Realist evaluation’ offers a solution. Read more under the following links:




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